Tiranga Games Rewards and Bonuses

Welcome to Tiranga Games, where excitement meets rewards! Discover a world of thrilling gaming experiences and unlock exciting bonuses as you embark on your gaming journey. From exclusive in-game features to special surprises, Tiranga Games rewards ensures that every player is rewarded for their time and dedication. Here are some of the Tiranga Games rewards and events you can achieve when playing at Tiranga Games. 

Be a Tiranga Games Agent

At Tiranga Games, you don’t have to just play to win. There are many perks when joining Tiranga Games like being a Tiranga Games Agent. 

How to become a Tiranga Games Agent

Referring to friends or relatives to play at Tiranga games. The more you refer the more chances of winning the main prize and the bigger commission. Visit the Tiranga Games main page for the prizes.

Share your Tiranga Games referral code or Tiranga Games invite code to friends and others, and effortlessly track your referrals and earnings using your Tiranga Games account dashboard.

Tiranga Games Rewards

How to earn being a Tiranga Games Agent

  • Every time your referred friends or relatives recharge a percentage of the amount they recharge will be saved in your account.
  • Same goes when your referred friends or relative bet a cumulative amount of their bet will be distributed to the agent’s account.
  • When your referred friends or relatives referred other people they will not just get a reward but also for the 1st referrer.
Tiranga Games Rewards

Note:  The referrer should be level 2 to get rewards. The percentage is different on each reward. Referrals and earnings have no limits; the greater the number of friends you invite, the higher your potential earnings, creating an endless opportunity for income.

Daily Check-in Recharge Rewards

  • For this event players should have a recharge or deposit history.
  • Like the event title indicates, players should log-in everyday to get the rewards.
  • The Tiranga Games deposit or Tiranga Games recharge requirements should be reach.
Tiranga Games Rewards

Note: No deposit or recharge, no rewards.

Member’s Winning Streak Rewards

In Tiranga Games rewards winning isn’t just enough winnings, you can gain more rewards the more winning streak you get.

  • Win 10x and get 20% of the amount you bet
  • Win 20x and get 30% of the amount you bet
  • Win 30x and get 40% of the amount you bet
  • Win 40x and get 50% of the amount you bet
  • Win 50x and get 100% of the amount you bet
Tiranga Games Rewards

Aside from these events there are still a lot of rewarding events you can join. Tiranga games also hold timed events like monthly events and daily events. What are you waiting for? Join Tiranga Games now and start earning.

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