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Tiranga Games is the No.1 Colour prediction game and sportsbook in India that offers various rewards for both new and existing players to win additional funds. Enjoy a generous Tiranga Games welcome bonus, claim daily login bonus, earn rewards for referring friends, receive cashback on losses, and participate in the weekly lucky draw for a chance to win more.


Price ± 55,00,000 – USDT 66,881


Agent Refer 6000 Member Recharge 3 Times

Price ± 15,00,000 – USDT 41,000

Diamond Jewelry

Agent Refer 2000 Member Recharge 3 Times

Price ± 5,00,000 – USDT 11,400

Gold + Diamond

Agent Refer 500 Member Recharge 3 Times

Price ± 2,00,000 – USDT 4568

Gold Bar 999.9

Agent Refer 200 Member Recharge 3 Times

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Know This First

  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  • Enter your required information, including your name, email address, and mobile number.
  • Create a strong password and confirm it. (must contain A-Z upper and lower case letters and numbers 0-9 and should be more than 8 characters)
  • Enter invite Tiranga games invite code 66647315020
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of TIRANGA GAME.
  • Click on the “Register” button.
  • You are now registered in TIRANGA GAMES. You can now deposit money and start playing your favorite games.
  • Open your preferred web browser and go to the official Tiranga Games website.
  • Click on the “Register” button to create a new Tiranga Games account. Fill in the required information, such as your email address, username, and password.
  • Once you’ve entered your basic information, look for a section that asks for an invite code. This might be during the initial registration process or in your account settings.
  • Locate the field labeled “Invite Code” and enter the Tiranga Games invite code or Tiranga Games referral code provided to you. Make sure to input the code accurately, as it is case-sensitive. Tiranga Games invite code: 66647315020
  • inish the registration process by providing any additional information and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the game.
  • Some platforms may require you to verify your email address. Check your inbox for a verification email and follow the provided instructions or wait for the OTP number for verification.
  • Once your registration is complete, log in to your Tiranga Games account using your username and password.
  • Open the Tiranga Games app or visit the website and prepare to embark on your gaming adventure.
  • Carefully input your registered number, the unique identifier that grants you access to your Tiranga Games account.
  • Type in your Tiranga Games password, ensuring that it matches the one you set during registration.
  • With your registered number and password provided, click the “Log In” button to effortlessly access your Tiranga Games account.

You can see all the rewards and bonuses by browsing the Blog page or visiting the About page.


  • Updated to Newer Version
  • Up to 80% winning rate
  • Easy to use
  • Free to use

Note: Watch How to use the Tiranga Games Prediction Tools

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