How to win at Aviator Game 2024

To secure victory in Aviator Game 2024, focus on these elements. Grasping these metrics will enhance your likelihood of achieving significant wins in Aviator game.

What to Expect on Aviator Game 2024

win at Aviator Game

Duration of the Game Session

The typical duration for each round of the Aviator crash game ranges from 8 to 30 seconds. Nevertheless, if the coefficient surpasses the average magnitude, the round duration will extend accordingly. In such instances, timely clicking of the Cash Out button can lead to substantial growth in your winnings.

Minimum and Maximum Bet

The betting range in Aviator game is from $0.1 minimum bet to $100 maximum bet.

Return to Player (97% RTP) Percentage

The Aviator game boasts a Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 97%, a notably high figure when compared to various other popular games, including instant ones. Furthermore, the game is constructed using the “Provably Fair” technology, ensuring players the fairness and randomness of each round’s outcome. This technology ensures absolute transparency in the gaming process, preventing both players and the casino from exerting influence on the results.

Lowest Multiplier

The Aviator game starts with a minimum multiplier of 1, and typically, it emerges approximately once in every 50 rounds. Multipliers of x1.20 or lower are deemed unprofitable, occurring more frequently than x1—approximately up to ten times per 100 rounds.

Highest Multiplayer

According to experts, the x100 multiplier tends to occur roughly once every hour and a half. The game specifies that the maximum multiplier achievable is an impressive 1,000,000x.

Aviator Game Hints and Tips


There is a considerable amount of information available regarding predicting the Aviator game algorithm, ranging from specialized applications providing hack and cheat codes to YouTube videos and other sources. We advise caution in trusting such information, as the departure of the airplane is a random occurrence based on RNG (Random Number Generation). Ultimately, the decision to consider the Predictor or not lies with the player.


Various strategies exist for achieving success in this slot game. While each has its validity, none can guarantee a 100% success rate.

Single Bet Strategy

Within this section, all techniques and tactics can be categorized into three distinct risk levels.

Min Risk – This approach is well-suited for newcomers and individuals who exhibit patience and attention to detail.

Moderate Risk – The DoubleUp Strategy involves placing a bet of any amount, but only when you are confident that the airplane will attain the 2x mark.

High Risk – This tactic involves calculating the time it takes for a 100x multiplier to occur and attempting to seize the opportunity when it arises.

Multi Bet Strategy

Players with more experience often employ this type of tactic. The most favored strategies in this category include.

2:1 Strategy – You place two bets, with one being twice the size of the other.

1.5x +2x Strategy – Similar to the previous strategy, in this approach, the initial bet is double the size of the second one.

win at Aviator Game

Tricks and Tips


In addition to the official demo mode of the Aviator crash slot, many users frequently utilize mobile applications for practice. While the Aviator game manufacturer, Spribe, does not offer an official app, certain third-party APKs and apps are highly regarded among Indian gamers. These applications, available on AppStore, Google Play, and some online casino websites, are effective for free play on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Opting to download the Aviator game APK from a reputable casino site is considered a more secure choice, minimizing the risk of virus infection or falling victim to scams. You can play the Aviator Game here at Tiranga Games login.

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