Gujarat Giants vs Mumbai Indians Women’s 3rd Match, WPL 2024: Betting Tips, Odds, and Prediction

The Women’s Premier League (WPL) 2024 is set to witness an electrifying match between Gujarat Giants vs Mumbai Indians Women’s teams. Scheduled for February 25, 2024, at the iconic M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru, this match promises cricket fans an enthralling display of talent and strategy. As part of the early stages of the tournament, both teams will be keen on establishing dominance and setting a positive tone for their campaign. Today, Tiranga games team will share their insight for betting tips, prediction and odds.

Gujarat Giants vs Mumbai Indians Women’s Betting Tips

As we gear up for this exciting clash of GGW vs MIW, here are some betting tips to consider:

  • Team Advantages: Mumbai Indians Women’s team boasts a robust lineup with a blend of experienced internationals and promising talents, making them a formidable opponent.
  • Team Disadvantage: Gujarat Giants, despite their potential, have shown inconsistency in past performances, which might hinder their ability to tackle the defending champions.
  • Strong Team Recommendation: With a balanced squad and a history of success, Mumbai Indians Women are the recommended team to back in this encounter.

Match Odds

Here is the match odds of upcoming battle of Gujarat Giants vs Mumbai Indians Womens:

Gujarat Giants DRAW Mumbai Indians




GGW vs MIW: Confrontation

The rivalry between Gujarat Giants vs Mumbai Indians Womens team in the Women’s Premier League (WPL) has been a spectacle of cricketing prowess and strategy. As these two teams prepare to face off once again, a look back at their previous encounters reveals a tale of dominance and ambition. The upcoming match promises to add another exciting chapter to this growing rivalry.

Previous Encounters:

League Match Winner Notable Performance

WPL 2022/23

1st Match


Harmanpreet Kaur (MIW) - 65 runs

WPL 2022/23

12th Match


Harmanpreet Kaur (MIW) - 51 runs

Overall Head-to-Head Summary:

In the head-to-head encounters of GGW vs MIW, Mumbai Indians Women have clearly had the upper hand, winning both matches against Gujarat Giants Women with significant margins. Harmanpreet Kaur, the captain of MIW, has been a standout performer, securing Player of the Match awards in both games for her match-winning innings. Her leadership and performance have been instrumental in MIW’s dominance over GGW.

Team Analysis

The upcoming clash between Gujarat Giants vs Mumbai Indians Womens teams in the Women’s Premier League (WPL) 2024 is not just a battle of skills but also a test of strategy, preparation, and team dynamics. Let’s dive deep into the strengths, weaknesses, and key players of both teams to understand what they bring to this highly anticipated match.

Gujarat Giants Women Team

The Gujarat Giants Women Team, known for their spirited and dynamic cricket, is gearing up to make a strong comeback in the Women’s Premier League 2024. With a blend of seasoned players and fresh talent, led by the formidable Beth Mooney, they are determined to turn the tables and showcase their prowess on the field.

Latest Performance and Key Statistics: Last season was a roller coaster for GGW, marked by moments of brilliance overshadowed by inconsistency. Their journey was a mix of high hopes and missed opportunities, leading to a comprehensive review and overhaul of the squad for this season.

Squad Details, Predicted XI: Under the leadership of Beth Mooney, a player known for her cricketing intellect and batting prowess, GGW has assembled a team blending experienced campaigners and exciting new talents. The predicted XI could see Mooney opening the batting, supported by the likes of Laura Wolvaardt, Harleen Deol, Ashleigh Gardner, and Veda Krishnamurthy, forming a formidable middle order.

Key Players:

  • Beth Mooney: A consistent performer with the bat, her role at the top will be crucial for setting up big scores.
  • Ashleigh Gardner: Known for her all-round capabilities, Gardner’s performance with both bat and ball can turn the game in GGW’s favor.

Strengths and Weaknesses: The team’s major strength lies in its all-rounders, capable of changing the game’s complexion within a few overs. However, their weakness has been the lack of consistency, especially in the bowling department, which they would aim to address this season.

Mumbai Indians Women Team

The Mumbai Indians Women Team, reigning champions of the Women’s Premier League, enter the 2024 season with high expectations and a squad brimming with talent. Under the astute leadership of Harmanpreet Kaur, they boast a perfect mix of international stars and emerging talents, making them a formidable force to reckon with. Their quest for back-to-back titles is fueled by a blend of experience, skill, and a winning mentality.

Squad Details, Predicted XI: MIW, the defending champions, have not rested on their laurels. Led by Harmanpreet Kaur, their squad is a blend of international stars and emerging talents. The team’s depth is its biggest asset, with players like Nat Sciver-Brunt, Amelia Kerr, and Hayley Matthews expected to play pivotal roles.

Key Players:

  • Harmanpreet Kaur: The captain, known for her match-winning knocks, will be the linchpin of the batting lineup.
  • Nat Sciver-Brunt: Her all-round abilities make her a valuable asset to the team, capable of making significant contributions in all facets of the game.

Strengths and Weaknesses: MIW’s primary strength is their balanced team composition, with quality batters, all-rounders, and bowlers who can adapt to any situation. Their only potential weakness could be the pressure of expectations as defending champions, which they will need to manage throughout the tournament.

Venue and Conditions

The M. Chinnaswamy Stadium is known for its batting-friendly pitch and short boundaries. The weather conditions are expected to be clear, making it an ideal day for a high-scoring game. Dew might play a role in the latter part of the match, influencing the toss decision.

Match Prediction Score

Our match prediction for the upcoming game of Gujarat Giants vs Mumbai Indians womens. With a 65% chance for Mumbai Indians Women’s Team to win, we predict a closely contested match but with MIW pulling ahead due to their superior lineup and past performance. The likely outcome could see MIW winning by a margin of 20-30 runs or securing victory with 4-5 wickets in hand.

Final Thoughts

As we analyze the Gujarat Giants vs Mumbai Indians Women’s upcoming match, it’s clear that MIW holds an edge over GGW based on their balanced team composition, previous performances, and the strength of their key players. However, cricket is a game of uncertainties, and GGW, with their revamped squad and strategy, have the potential to surprise. Our prediction leans towards a Mumbai Indians Women’s victory, reflecting the team’s robustness and their quest to continue their winning legacy in the WPL 2024.

Remember, while predictions are made based on data and analysis, the true beauty of cricket lies in its unpredictability. May the best team win!

Disclaimer: This prediction is based on analysis and is meant for informational purposes only. Betting involves risks, and it’s important to approach it responsibly.

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