AUS vs PAK 3RD Test T20I 2024: Betting Tips, Odds, and Prediction

Cricket enthusiasts, get ready for an electrifying encounter of AUS vs PAK gear up for the 3rd Test T20I. This much-anticipated match is set to unfold at the iconic Sydney Cricket Ground on January 4, 2024. As the teams prepare to lock horns, the cricketing world buzzes with excitement, anticipating a clash filled with strategy, skill, and sportsmanship.

This match isn’t just another game; it’s an important moment in the Pakistan tour of Australia 2023-24. With the series currently led by Australia, Pakistan is under pressure to turn the tables. This game could be a series decider or a chance for redemption, making it a pivotal moment for both teams. Today, our Tiranga games team will share their insight about betting tips, odds and prediction.

Australia vs Pakistan Betting Tips

As we dive into the betting realm for this high-stakes match, let’s explore some insightful tips for the match of AUS vs PAK that could guide your predictions and enhance your understanding of the game’s dynamics.

Provide Betting Tips:

  • Team Advantages (Australia): Australia’s home ground advantage, coupled with their recent dominant performances, makes them a formidable force. Their balanced team composition and experienced players are their biggest strengths.
  • Other Side Team Disadvantage (Pakistan): Pakistan, while talented, has shown inconsistency in their performance. Adapting to the Australian pitches and overcoming the psychological barrier after recent losses will be their biggest challenges.
  • Strong Team Recommendation: Considering the current form, home advantage, and overall team strength, Australia stands out as the stronger team. However, in cricket, the game can change in just one over, so never count out the underdogs.

Match Odds

Here is the match odds for the 3RD game of AUS vs PAK:

Australia Draw Pakistan




AUS vs PAK: Confrontation

The cricketing rivalry between Australia vs Pakistan is steeped in history and filled with memorable confrontations. In their most recent encounter, the Boxing Day Test, Australia showcased their dominance with a 79-run victory, a testament to their strategic prowess and home advantage. This win not only added another chapter to their storied rivalry but also set the stage for an intense showdown in the upcoming 3rd Test T20I.

Table for Previous Score with Matches, League, and Notable Player:

Match Date League Winner Notable Player

Dec 26, 2023

2nd Test, AUS vs PAK


Pat Cummins

Dec 14, 2023

1st Test, AUS vs PAK


Mitchell Marsh

Mar 21, 2022



Usman Khawaja

Mar 12, 2022



Babar Azam

Mar 04, 2022



Shaheen Afridi

Australia and Pakistan have faced each other numerous times, creating a rich tapestry of cricketing duels. Historically, Australia has had the upper hand, especially in their backyard, where their understanding of the conditions and robust team composition has often overwhelmed visiting teams. However, Pakistan’s cricket is synonymous with unpredictability and flair. They have, on several occasions, upset stronger teams and won matches that seemed out of their grasp.

In their recent encounters of AUS vs PAK, Australia’s dominance is evident, with back-to-back wins showcasing their current form and depth in both batting and bowling departments. Players like Pat Cummins and Mitchell Marsh have been instrumental in these victories, bringing their A-game when it mattered the most.

On the other hand, Pakistan, despite the recent losses, has had moments of brilliance. Players like Babar Azam and Shaheen Afridi have consistently proven their mettle on the international stage. Their performances, coupled with the potential of the younger players, make Pakistan a team that can never be taken lightly.

Team Analysis

Cricket fans, as we gear up for the thrilling 3rd Test T20I between AUS vs PAK, it’s time to take a closer look at both teams. Australia, with their recent wins, are riding high on confidence. They know their home conditions well and have players who can turn the game around. On the other side, Pakistan, known for their unpredictable and spirited cricket, are eager to show their skills and bring a surprise win. Both teams have their strengths and weaknesses, making this match an exciting one to watch.

Australia Team:

aus vs pak

As the 3rd Test T20I approaches, the Australian cricket team stands tall with a blend of seasoned players and rising stars. Known for their strategic gameplay and formidable presence on home turf, they are a force to be reckoned with, consistently setting high standards in the cricketing world.

  • Latest Performance and Key Statistics: Australia has been in top form. They’ve been winning matches and showing the world why they are one of the best. Their bowlers and batsmen are both doing a fantastic job.
  • Squad Details, Predicted XI: We expect to see star players like David Warner, who opens the innings and can score fast, and Steve Smith, who is known for his steady and smart batting. Pat Cummins, the captain, is also a key bowler for the team.
  • Key Players: Keep an eye on Mitchell Marsh and Nathan Lyon. Marsh can hit big and take wickets, while Lyon, the spinner, can trick the batsmen and get them out.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Australia’s biggest plus is their all-round team. They have good batsmen, fast bowlers, and spinners. But, they need to be careful not to get too confident or make small mistakes that can cost them the game.

Pakistan Team:

aus vs pak

The Pakistan cricket team, renowned for its unpredictability and passion, enters the 3rd Test T20I with a spirit of resilience and talent. This team, a blend of experienced leaders and dynamic young players, is known for turning the game on its head with their spirited performances. They are ready to face the challenge and showcase their prowess on the international stage.

  • Squad Details, Predicted XI: Pakistan might bring in new players to change their game. Babar Azam, the captain, is a fantastic batsman, and Shaheen Afridi is a fast bowler who can take important wickets.
  • Key Players: Along with Babar and Shaheen, watch out for players like Mohammad Rizwan, who can keep wickets and bat well, and young talents who are eager to make their mark.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses: Pakistan’s biggest strength is their ability to surprise everyone. They can play some amazing cricket when least expected. However, they need to be more consistent and adapt to the Australian pitches and conditions.

Venue and Conditions

Here is our condition and venue for the match of AUS vs PAK.

  • Ground Details and Stats: The Sydney Cricket Ground is known for its batting-friendly pitches, but it also offers assistance to spinners as the game progresses.
  • Pitch and Weather Conditions: The pitch is expected to be a belter, favoring batsmen. However, light rain showers predicted for the first three days might add an interesting twist to the game.
  • How Conditions Could Impact the Match: The team winning the toss might look to bowl first, considering the weather conditions. Spinners might play a crucial role in the latter part of the match.

Match Prediction Score

Based on our tiranga games team here is the insight of match prediction for the game of AUS vs PAK.

  • Likely Outcome Predicted Including Score: Australia is predicted to win, with a possible scoreline favoring them by a margin of 50-100 runs or 3-5 wickets.
  • Rationale for Prediction: Australia’s current form, coupled with the home advantage and team composition, gives them the edge. Pakistan’s inconsistency and less favorable record in Australia further tilt the prediction in Australia’s favor.
  • Method of Victory Predicted (Runs, Wickets, etc): Australia might secure victory through a balanced attack, taking key wickets at crucial moments and outscoring Pakistan with a strong batting performance.
  • Declare the Possible Outcome Score: Australia to win by 75 runs or 4 wickets.

Final Thoughts

This clash between AUS vs PAK is more than just a game; it’s a showcase of strategy, skill, and the unpredictable nature of cricket. While Australia stands as the favorite with their formidable form and home advantage, Pakistan’s ability to surprise and challenge the strongest teams makes this an encounter worth watching. As we wrap up, remember, in cricket, the game isn’t over until the last ball is bowled. May the best team win!

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(Note: The predictions and analysis provided are based on statistical data and cricketing expertise. However, the nature of the sport means outcomes can be unpredictable, and actual results may vary.)

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